Does exercise increase your sex drive? Actually, it does. It contributes to an increase of libido in several different ways at once – partly physical, partly mental. On the one hand, it influences the production and flow of hormones, the blood flow and may result in weight loss. All these are important factors of a thriving sex drive. On the other hand, it creates awareness of one’s own body and thus, self confidence. There is little that is as effective in increasing your libido as exercise. This is because while most other means of reaching this goal actually work, they concentrate on one part of the problem, whereas exercise provides a vast variety of benefits


Physically, what happens when you exercise is first and foremost that your body produces adrenaline, which is connected with sexual appetite, excitement and arousal. It also increases your energy and heightens awareness of what is happening around you. At the same time, endorphins, also known as ‘happiness’-hormones, are produced, which improve your mood and relax you by relieving anxiety as well as stress. This helps to increase your self confidence as well as trust in the world around you. Another hormone which is produced in greater capacity when you exercise is testosterone. Both men and women have been shown to display higher levels of testosterone after an hour of exercising. This hormone, as well as adrenaline, controls your sex drive, with higher amounts of it indicating a heightened sexual appetite.


Apart from the hormonal side of things, there are other physical consequences of exercise that may serve to increase a person’s sex drive. Most probably, a regular exercise routine will lead to weight loss when needed. Being overweight is a key factor in low sexual appetite, since obese people generally have extremely low testosterone levels. Weight loss, on the other hand, will lead to an increase in testosterone levels and thus enhance a person’s sex drive. Besides that, it will accelerate the blood flow around the body and consequently to a man’s penis. Exercise can therefore be seen as an effective means to combat sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction


Last but not least, there are also psychological factors involved. As already mentioned, the endorphins that are produced during exercise relax you and may decrease performance anxiety and inhibitions. On the other hand, you are actively working your body, thus finding out what it is capable of and gaining a new sense of power. While your body is shaped by regular exercise, you will also naturally become more and more fond of it.
Now what can be considered the best exercise to increase your sex drive? On the one hand, cardio exercise can be valuable to enhance your libido, because it is ideally suited to burn any fat you may want to lose. Besides that, it increases your stamina, which is never a bad thing when sex is concerned. But also weight lifting can make sense, which helps to shape your body and give you a sense of what it can do. So basically, any exercise that appeals to you will do you good, however, experts suggest that testosterone levels are highest after an hour of ‘vigorous’ exercise. So whatever exercise it is you want to do to increase your sex drive, challenge yourself!